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“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

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“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

Meow – PetNovations Automated Cleaner Litter Box

Smart Home, Inc

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Cats have a reputation for being pretty self-sufficient, but any cat owner knows that if you don’t maintain the litter box regularly, you can be left with a smelly mess. Eliminate the hassle with a cat box that has no litter to scoop, touch, or change. The CatGenie Self-Cleaning Litter Box connects to your bathroom or laundry room water line to flush cat waste out of your house. It automatically washes, sanitizes and dries your pet’s bathroom area to leave it dust, odor, and germ free. The CatGenie PowerFlusher System, which includes the Turbo Hopper, cuts through hairballs and other tough debris, then flushes and drains the waste faster and cleaner than ever before. Ideal for homes with two to three cats over 6 months old, the CatGenie Cat Box is easy to set up and maintains itself.


It Acts Like a Cat Box, Cleans Like an Appliance and Flushes Like a Toilet Self-cleaning, automated litter box has no litter to scoop, touch or change Litter system automatically washes, sanitizes and dries box to leave it dust, odor, and germ free System connects to water line in bathroom or laundry room and is powered by an AC outlet


Eliminate hassle and keep your cat healthier with this self-cleaning Automated Cleaner Litter Box which has no litter to scoop, touch, or change.

Source : PetNovations Automated Cleaner Litter Box | Smarthome

Homeowner 55 or over?

MONEYBLOHomeowner 55 or over?

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What is the CHIP Reverse Mortgage? CHIP is a reverse mortgage, a loan secured against the value of your home. It lets you unlock the value in your home without having to sell or move away. The money you receive is tax-free and yours to use as you wish. Pay off debts Handle unexpected expenses …

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Source : CHIP Reverse Mortgage – Get Your Free Estimate| HomEqutiy Bank

“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.” —Edmund Burke

The Fashion Men

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent



Join the Club by completing a short style quiz, and you’ll conveniently receive a monthly curated package at your doorstep. Plus you may now shop other exclusive Five Four apparel found only at our online store.

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“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” – Gianni Versace

Stanley Cup: Go P.K. Subban- Nashville Predators




 “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
– Albert Einstein

christian 77

1. Subban has only missed the playoffs twice during his career

During his time in Montreal the Canadiens only missed the playoffs in 2012 and 2016. Subban was a last minute roster addition to the 2010 playoff squad, and he quickly became a core player.

This year Subban was the backbone of the Predators’ blue line that proved to be the key in sweeping the three-time Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks, shutting down the competitive St. Louis Blues, and surging past the pesky Anaheim Ducks en route to the franchise’s first-ever Western Conference Championship.





4. Subban has a chance to be a part of Nashville history

If the Predators can come back to win this series they will win their first championship in team history.

Having only been in the league since 1998, the Predators started with five straight losing seasons. They made their first playoff appearance in 2004, didn’t play at all in 2004-2005 due to the infamous lockout, then made three straight postseason appearances from 2006 to 2008 only to be eliminated in the first round each time.

Related: Bases Loaded: Meet White Sox Star Shortstop Tim Anderson

They had another disappointing season in 2008-2009 before finally making it out of the first round in 2010, and did so again in 2011 and 2012.

They had one more losing season in 2013 but have been a regular playoff team ever since. Pro sports hasn’t always been kind to Nashville, and hockey has always been a tough sell in the south. The NFL’s Tennessee Titans are the kings of sports in Nashville, but that team hasn’t won a championship since relocating from Houston back in 1997. The Stanley Cup would be the first professional sports championship for this city.

5. Subban can also make league history

Not only would winning the Stanley Cup be the first one for Subban, it would also put him in consideration for the Conn Smythe Trophy which is awarded to the series’ most valuable player. Winning the award -which was first presented in 1965- would make Subban the first black player to do so.

Read more Source : Stanley Cup: Five Things to Know About Hockey Star P.K. Subban – NBC News

Hockey is a unique sport in the sense that you need each and every guy helping each other and pulling in the same direction to be successful.

Wayne Gretzky

You have competition every day because you set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that.     

Michael Jordan

The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.     

Howard Cosell

Travel The World

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Father's Day Flight Deals

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Hooper-Dooper For You

The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Rollande Verdule the Runner Up placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Runner Up placement in the songwriting competition.
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Hooper-Dooper For You

I ve ‘got the hooper- dooper for you baby
I’ve got the   hooper- dooper for you
I am going to drive you down the highway
I am going to drive you all the way
My little baby , my little baby…… BMW Z4
I am going to drive you t’ill the sunset
I am going to drive you all night long
My little baby ,my little baby…… BMW Z4
Cause I’ve got the hooper- dooper for you baby
I got  the hooper- dooper for you
M……m..m..m my little baby ,my little baby…… BMW Z4
Yes I ve ‘got the hooper- dooper for you baby
I think we were made for each other
My little baby ,my little baby……. BMW Z4
Confidence is my nam ……e ……..
With you i feel like a million bucks
Cause I’ve got the hooper- dooper for you baby
I got  the hooper- dooper for you
I am going to drive you down the highway
I am going to drive you all the way
My little baby , my little baby…… BMW Z4
I am going to drive you t’ill the sunset
I am going to drive you all night long
My little baby ,my little baby BMW Z4
Cause I’ve got the hooper- dooper for you baby
I got  the hooper- dooper for you
M……m..m..m my little baby ,my little baby……… BMW 4
Yes I ve ‘got the hooper- dooper for you baby

© 2016 Copyright all rights reserved Rollande Verdule

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Discovery Cove Orlando

Welcome to Discovery Cove, an all-inclusive day resort where you and your family will experience exciting animal encounters in a breathtaking tropical atmosphere.  Swim with bottlenose dolphins, feed tropical birds, snorkel through a saltwater reef and play inches from a family of otters – all in one day.  Between adventures, enjoy unlimited access to a fantastic selection of food and drinks all day long.

Discovery Cove is a paradise of rocky lagoons surrounded by lush landscaping, tropical reefs, winding rivers, a resort-style pool complete with waterfalls, and pristine white-sand beaches.  With this all-inclusive experience, your family can unwind, explore, learn, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Discovery Cove

Source : Packages & Pricing at Discovery Cove Orlando

Montreal Invites You !

Three Reasons to visit  Montreal 

Behind the beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica in the heart of historic Old Montreal, seconds from the Old Port, this luxurious hotel has spacious suites along with exceptional services and on-site.. see more 

Le Saint-Sulpice

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Source : Le Saint-Sulpice – UPDATED 2017 Reviews, Photos & Price Comparison (Montreal, Quebec) – Hotel – TripAdvisor

Amazing places


Looking for a more unusual travel destination this year? Check out these photos of  2 of the 10 unbelievably amazing places in the world.


Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

In the Navajo desert of Arizona, Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon made up of stunning cracks and corkscrews, creating a wonderful light show. A must-see for any amateur photographer or Instagram addict. See more incredible places to go right here 

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Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang, Laos

Already a top holiday destination for backpackers, the Laotian city of Luang Prabang is temptingly close to Kuang Si Falls, a three tier splash spectacular with waters so clear and blue it’ll be hard to resist jumping straight in. Hike the trails around the area to escape the tour groups. Read more here 

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Source : 10 amazing places you won’t believe exist on Earth

Real-estate photography




Studio ID as catch your attention on some of the must typical and beautiful city architectural assets in Montreal, Quebec.

A distinct character of the historical of the city of Montreal catch by the lens of a professional artist: Isabelle Dandurand.

Rich color of the wood tone who increase the beauty of the grey stone made to pass the test of time.

Observe the distinct decorative mold on the veranda that still testify of the interest on the owner acquisition. This is a real testimonial of the rural ambiance of the bygone days. To this days it is possible to recreate the doors ornaments and capture the essence of your beautiful residence all into gorgeous pictures of the design of traditional  and design facade or interior.

Discover more from Studio ID  View pictures here.

Montreal is know for his many cultural events, is diversity and the respect of his heritage. Montreal as a distinct architecture, that even to these days we can qualify of a real french assets mix with the urban sense.

Studio ID offer real-estate photography, professional interior design and portrait.

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Source: StudioID

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Waterford Designers: Jo Sampson


Jo Sampson

British designer Jo Sampson is the creative force behind the London Interiors Collection and the Waterford Contemporary Collections, Glacia, Elysian and London. These dazzling new collections represent Waterford’s exciting and innovative approach to contemporary lighting, furniture and fine home accessories. Jo established her career at renowned agencies Studio De Lucchi, Sir Terence Conran, Imagination and United Designers. In 2002 she established Blacksheep, a leading commercial interior design agency, with Tim Mutton.When Jo started the Jo Sampson Studio in 2012, her talent for designing unique pieces for luxury interiors came to the fore. The Waterford Interiors furniture range, the London Collection, was praised for itsability to fuse a sleek modern aesthetic and cutting-edge lighting technology with the world’s finest cut crystal. The latest collaboration between Waterford and Jo Sampson, the Contemporary Collection of three capsule collections – London, Elysian and Glacia – feature finely cut crystal accessories designed to richly complement luxurious living. – Luxurious gifts ideal for any occasion!


Vacation Rentals

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, enabling travellers to plan and book the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers advice from millions of travellers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools that check hundreds of websites to find great hotel prices. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, reaching 350 million unique monthly visitors, and more than 385 million reviews and opinions covering more than 6.6 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions.

Flowers – The Magic Wands Of Nature - Click Here!

Flowers – The Magic Wands Of Nature

Everybody feels a sense of fascination at the sight of a flower; birds, insects and humans alike. Flowers look great, they smell great and they make us feel wonderful. However, flowers serve a far greater purpose in our biosphere besides their attractive physical attributes.

What Are Flowers?

A flower is the reproductive structure of a plant. Flowers are seed bearing; they produce seeds which upon germination grow into a new plant.

In addition to serving their most essential purpose, flowers have been an object of admiration to humans, who use them for a wide range of purposes and to the birds and insects who suck nectar from flowers as their source of food.

The Reproductive Aspect Of A Flower

Flowers are basically made up of four components:

* Calyx

* Corolla

* Androecium

* Gynoecium

The androecium and the gynoecium perform the reproductive functions of the plant. The androecium consists of units called stamens which are the male reproductive structure and the gynoecium consists of carpels which are the female reproductive structure.

Stamens have a bulge at the topmost surface called the anther. Pollen grains are produced in the anther and these very pollen grains act as the sperm of the flowering plant.

The carpel, on the other hand, has a structure at the topmost surface called the stigma. The stigma acts as receptor for pollen grains. These pollen grains then enter the stigma through the

pollen tube into the ovary of the flower, thus, leading the pollen grain to the ovule. Once the pollen grain meets the ovule, the ovule gets fertilized and produces seeds.

How Does Reproduction Work In Nature?

Pollen grains are very light and sticky in nature. They are carried by the force of the wind and get deposited onto the sticky receptive surface of the stigma of other flowers.

Certain flowers use their bright colors, attractive petals and strong fragrances to attract birds and insects to them. The pollen grains from these flowers stick to the bodies of insects and birds and later get dropped onto the stigma. This is how fertilization occurs naturally.

The Various Purposes That Flowers Serves

Besides its reproductive nature, flowers are very useful to our environment. They serve quite a number of purposes such as the ones mentioned below.

* Source of Food

Insects and birds suck nectar from flowers and use it as a source of food. Certain flowers are also used in certain food preparations as delicacies.

* Beautification of the Environment

In an attempt to make our surroundings look better, flowering trees are planted to make nature come alive with color.

* Decorative Purposes

Flowers are used as decorations for weddings, birthdays and parties and also in places of worship,

* Religious Purposes

Flowers are offered at the altar during certain religious ceremonies and rituals such as christenings, weddings and funerals. Certain religions and cultures also observe the practice of constantly making sure that holy idols, statues and pictures are always accompanied with flowers.

* Medicinal Purposes

The extracts of certain flowers are used as medicines. Flowers are known to offer 100% natural medicinal properties without the side effects of chemical medications.

* Beauty Purposes

The extracts of some flowers are used as main ingredients in massage and therapeutic oils and facials. Flower extracts are also used in skin cosmetics and beauty products.

* Fragrances

Floral fragrances are very popular with the ladies. There are quite a few flowers which do not have a natural sweet fragrance and those which do find themselves inspiring some of the most popular fragrances in the market today.

* As A Sign Of Love And Appreciation

Flowers are often used to express love, fondness, respect and affection to loved ones and also as a sign of gratitude and as a tribute to seniors.

The Commercialization of Flowers Today

Flowers have gained quite a commercial aspect in today’s times. The sale of flowers and their prices reach sky rocketing proportions due to their demand during public celebrations like Mother’s Day .

To meet the ever increasing demands, flowers are now fertilized with artificial processes to increase the number of seeds produced and beautify them further with brighter colors and stronger, long lasting fragrances.

People who practice gardening as a hobby also tend to flowering plants to enhance the beauty of the gardens and yards they maintain.

The growth and sale of flowers is a huge market today because of the many purposes that flowers serves.

So the next time you think of plucking a few flowers that are blossoming on a plant nearby just for fun, remember how valuable those flowers are to the plant and also to the environment around you.

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We all try to eat healthy, but do we know what’s in our wines?

Organic Wine Club: expertly handpicked organic wines

Expertly handpicked organic wine for a better you

We all try to eat healthy, but do we know what’s in our wines?

Grapes accumulate a lot of pesticides that are used to increase yields, protect from diseases and as a preservative. As a result, conventional wines are full of harmful substances. Many people, including well-known chefs and nutritionists, are switching to organic and natural wines. These are healthier wines as they do not contain residual pesticides. Discover your organic wine health benefits    continue  to read more….Organic Wine Club

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748034_8faf437fb365434aae237ed380e9814d-mv2 (1)

Honorable Mention

Song of the Year Songwriting Contest 2007

December’s Top Songwriters

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention- Honorable Mention means that the preliminary judges and/or the professionals offering the critiques have found your submissions exceptional for one reason or another. It could be the lyrics, melodies, music, etc…  If Song of the Year receives a lot of positive responses from our judges about a song, you will be place in the Honorable Mention category. This status indicates that a submission was found impressive by a number of the judges.


I said
You hear me

These are our sons
These are our daughters
These are our husbands
These are our fathers
These are our children

I said

You hear me

Let’s   find a solution
Let’s   find a resolution
Let’s   find an agreement
Let’s   find   peace in terms of   freedom

I said
You hear me

These are our sons

These are our daughters
These are our husbands
These are our fathers
These are our children

You   , You   , You
I  said
You hear me

STOP   ,   STOP ,   STOP  THE  WAR !!!!!!!!!!

You   , You   , You
I  said
You hear me

STOP   ,   STOP ,   STOP  THE  WAR !!!!!!!!!!

These are our sons
These are our daughters
These are our husbands
These are our fathers
These are our children

STOP   ,   STOP    ,   STOP   THE  WAR !!!!!!!!!!
You hear me …………………
STOP   ,   STOP     ,   STOP   THE  WAR !!!!!!!!!!

Let’s   find a solution
Let’s   find a resolution
Let’s   find an agreement
Let’s   find   peace in terms  of  freedom

 STOP   ,   STOP      ,   STOP   THE   WAR !!!!!!!!!

Copy right © 2013 Rollande Verdule


Wedgwood Designers: Vera Wang

Wedgwood Canada



Vera Wang Vera Wang has created a unique aspirational world that alludes to sensuality and youthful sophistication. Exquisite details, intricate draping and a nonchalant sense of style characterize the Vera Wang aesthetic. At 23, Wang became the youngest ever Vogue fashion editor and stylist. She later moved to Ralph Lauren as a design director, before opening her own flagship store. Today, her empire encompasses bridal, ready-to-wear, evening wear, footwear, fragrance, jewelry, books and homeware. Her elegant collection for Wedgwood includes bone china dinnerware, crystal stemware and giftware.


Vera Lace Gold Inspired by the brightly hued corsages from renowned New York designer Vera Wang’s bridal collection, the Lace Collection is characterized by understated elegance.


Duchesse Luxury meets tradition with the Duchess Collection by Vera Wang; which is characterized by a classic, elegant crystal with the minimum of decoration; limited to simple, but powerful designs that add just a touch of sparkle.

Buy direct from Wedgwood. Shop classic English fine china and gifts and the traditional Vera Wang Wedgwood collection, designed with English elegance since 1759.

Source : Wedgwood Designers: Vera Wang – Wedgwood® Official CA Site

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Wedgwood Canada

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 Destinations In Florida Travel

Great Perks for your Walt Disney World Vacation at Destinations in Florida

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7 Productive Things to do When You Don’t Get the Job

stephanie katz – October 26, 2016

Rejection is nobody’s idea of a good time. When you’re searching for a date, an opportunity, admission to the college of your dreams, a chance at fame, or—most important for our purposes—a great job that can help you pay your bills and advance your career, rejection is the opposite of a happy ending. But as all well-rounded adults eventually realize, rejection is a necessary and unavoidable part of life, growth, and career development. If you don’t know how to handle it with grace, or you’ve never been rejected at all, then you haven’t gotten very far on your journey to wherever it is that you’re going.

If you’re passed over for a job you really wanted, recognize the moment as a meaningful, if unpleasant, experience. Process it and move on. These seven actions can help you face the day after a “no”.

  1. You can ask for feedback

If you want to ask why you were rejected, you’re within your legal rights to do so. But if you decide to ask, do so with clarity and purpose. Don’t lose sleep for the next five weeks before picking up the phone and bombarding the confused hiring manager with angry questions. If you’re going to ask, ask only once. Do it as soon as possible, be polite, and accept the answer you’re given. Use the feedback to help you in your job search.

  1. Were you discriminated?      read more……..

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Morocco Hotel Deals

Morocco Hotel Deals: Find great deals from hundreds of websites, and book the right hotel using TripAdvisor’s 1,078,389 reviews of Morocco hotels. Save up to 25% on hotels for a romantic getaway! Top 6- Popular Destinations & hotels in Morocco by Tripadvisor #1- Marrakech Romantic- Riad Kheirredin – 44 Derb Chourafa | Marrakech Medina, Marrakech 40000, […]

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Top All Inclusive Resorts


Find Hotels That Travelers Trust. Over 100 Million Unbiased Reviews! Check out the best flight deals on TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Hotels for Families Save up to 25% on hotels for your Spring Break trip! TripAdvisor – Travelers’ Choice Awards. Find out what the top all-inclusive resorts in the World are as awarded by millions of […]

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Live brighter when you give brighter

 Solving World Energy

The world is suffering from energy depletion and many scientists are venturing to find solutions. There are various reasons why humankind is looking for substitute energy sources. Since fossil fuels are expected to deplete in years to come, it is only vital to search for effective and non-depleting renewable energy sources. Fossil fuels, aside from decreasing, are also causing too much pollution like greenhouse gases in which many countries are focusing on. Renewable or alternative sources of energy are showing significant promise in helping to remove the amount of toxins; the by-product of the conventional energy used.

Renewable sources do not only protect against harmful effects, but also help to preserve many natural resources that are depleting due to overuse. All of us must know the importance of using alternative energy resources so that we will know how to conserve the fragile natural balance of the planet earth. Understanding the importance of renewable sources will also give us an idea on how they can provide us a solution to the world’s energy problem.

Protect Your Home with Electricity and Home Services from Direct Energy

Energy Alternatives

The earth has an endless supply of wind and this is one of the natural sources of energy. Through the windmills, it is possible to harness energy from the wind. In fact, by means on electrical generators, there is no need to depend on fossil fuels in powering up mechanical machineries. It is also a good source of electricity which has proven to provide power to many isolated homes. The worldwide capacity of generators powered by wind energy in 2005 has reached over 50 thousand megawatts. This would probably be a way in creating a sense of smugness, that the demands for energy in the future will easily be met. Energy coming from the Sun (solar energy), water (hydroelectric energy), and earth’s heat (geothermal energy) are also good sources of power.

In solving the world energy problem, people must understand that the current sources of energy in the world are non-renewable and include fossil fuels. Although they are billions of tons of it, there is still a limited supply, if it is the only thing man will depend on. In conclusion, there is no escape. The supply of fossil fuels is limited and studies estimate that the fossil fuel reserve will deplete over the next 50 years. However, the bottom-line for this is that the world will run out of energy and people can’t do anything about it. All of this is dependent on how people manage the demand for energy and develop the use of renewable sources of energy.

Prospectively, in the year 2020, the world’s consumption of conventional energy is predicted to increase by 50%. If this will continues to rise, the world’s energy sources will significantly decrease. However, if the world starts to utilize renewable energy sources, the world’s problem of fossil fuel depletion will surely be minimized. Aside from being natural, the various renewable energy sources are also available in an endless supply. These do not create greenhouse gases or pollute the surroundings.

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Vegan March

Source : Vegan March: Try our Delicious Vegan Wine for Less – Organic Wine ClubVegan_March


Vegan Wine certificationOrganic Wine Club is so happy spring is here and we would like to celebrate it with vegan wine promotion! Who is it for? You do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy delicious wines made with no animal derived materials (usually used in filtration and clarification of wines) and definitely with no dairy or eggs. You will taste pure and expressive wines that contain no allergens and thus are healthier for you. These ethical vegan wines are made by passionate artisans according to strict organic standards. As these wines are not mass produced, the stock is limited. What’s on offer? Please enter discount code VEGANMARCH to save 15% on any of the below vegan wine cases (valid until 31st March & until stock lasts).

Why vegan wine? These ethical wines are allergen-free as they are dairy-free and thus healthier for you. Still not too sure about the differences between organic, vegan, biodynamic, natural and no added sulphites wines – head to our useful free wine guide here. Enjoy!

The World Today

The World Today

The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Rollande Verdule & Diane Bobak the Semi-Finalist placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Semi-Finalist placement in the songwriting competition.

“More information

 CONTEST-2016 – at “

CONTEST-2013 – at “


The World Today

The world today is not an easy place

Everyone has problem with color or race

Violence is something  that  happens  everyday

Guns shot are fired….everyone runs different ways

Looking over their shoulders ….. checking   to  see

If there is someone near

Their heart beats rapidly

And ,  they  shake from so much fear


The world today

Has something to say

The world today wants better days

Millions of children’s right to love and affection

Has been lost with parents dying of aids infection

Human rights for the  children living  explortation

Poverty  ,no education  , malnutritient

Can we not come with a  solution

For every  children , let’s make a contribution.


The world today

Has something to say

The world today wants better days

They are homeless people living on the   streets  ,

Sleeping   on a bench cover  with  newspaper  sheets

The sadness in their eyes …..they  weep  in sorrow

Wondering if their next meal will  be  tomorrow .

Looking at themselves  , knowing how they wanted to be

Hoping they could have been ….someone like you  or  me .


The world today

Has something to say

The world today wants better days

Battered  , abused ,  women ,  searching for shelters

To protect  themselves  from the  perpertredors ,

Women’s are saying  , can you hear ?

They are tears  , they are in fear .

Together we can make a  difference .

To stop the cycle of  violence .


The world today

Has something to say

The world today wants better days

Politicians ask “Do  they  really  care ? “

They have their country in despair

Always making promises but never see to come  true .

Are they concern about our point of  view ?

Governement    do  they  actually know what’s for the best

All they could do is argue among the rest .


The world today

Has something to say

The world today wants better days

Who is going to give us  security ?

Who will give us better life for   eternity ?

Its  only  God with you and me .

Who is going to set  us  free ?

Peace on earth that is what it will be .

Peace then  will  mean an end to our misery

Together we could have a better  destiny


The world today

Has something to say

The world today wants better days

Copy right © 2013 Rollande Verdule  & Diane Bobak 

Rollande Verdule & Diane Bobak

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