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 Solving World Energy

The world is suffering from energy depletion and many scientists are venturing to find solutions. There are various reasons why humankind is looking for substitute energy sources. Since fossil fuels are expected to deplete in years to come, it is only vital to search for effective and non-depleting renewable energy sources. Fossil fuels, aside from decreasing, are also causing too much pollution like greenhouse gases in which many countries are focusing on. Renewable or alternative sources of energy are showing significant promise in helping to remove the amount of toxins; the by-product of the conventional energy used.

Renewable sources do not only protect against harmful effects, but also help to preserve many natural resources that are depleting due to overuse. All of us must know the importance of using alternative energy resources so that we will know how to conserve the fragile natural balance of the planet earth. Understanding the importance of renewable sources will also give us an idea on how they can provide us a solution to the world’s energy problem.

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Energy Alternatives

The earth has an endless supply of wind and this is one of the natural sources of energy. Through the windmills, it is possible to harness energy from the wind. In fact, by means on electrical generators, there is no need to depend on fossil fuels in powering up mechanical machineries. It is also a good source of electricity which has proven to provide power to many isolated homes. The worldwide capacity of generators powered by wind energy in 2005 has reached over 50 thousand megawatts. This would probably be a way in creating a sense of smugness, that the demands for energy in the future will easily be met. Energy coming from the Sun (solar energy), water (hydroelectric energy), and earth’s heat (geothermal energy) are also good sources of power.

In solving the world energy problem, people must understand that the current sources of energy in the world are non-renewable and include fossil fuels. Although they are billions of tons of it, there is still a limited supply, if it is the only thing man will depend on. In conclusion, there is no escape. The supply of fossil fuels is limited and studies estimate that the fossil fuel reserve will deplete over the next 50 years. However, the bottom-line for this is that the world will run out of energy and people can’t do anything about it. All of this is dependent on how people manage the demand for energy and develop the use of renewable sources of energy.

Prospectively, in the year 2020, the world’s consumption of conventional energy is predicted to increase by 50%. If this will continues to rise, the world’s energy sources will significantly decrease. However, if the world starts to utilize renewable energy sources, the world’s problem of fossil fuel depletion will surely be minimized. Aside from being natural, the various renewable energy sources are also available in an endless supply. These do not create greenhouse gases or pollute the surroundings.

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