Vegan March

Source : Vegan March: Try our Delicious Vegan Wine for Less – Organic Wine ClubVegan_March

Vegan Wine certificationOrganic Wine Club is so happy spring is here and we would like to celebrate it with vegan wine promotion! Who is it for? You do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy delicious wines made with no animal derived materials (usually used in filtration and clarification of wines) and definitely with no dairy or eggs. You will taste pure and expressive wines that contain no allergens and thus are healthier for you. These ethical vegan wines are made by passionate artisans according to strict organic standards. As these wines are not mass produced, the stock is limited. What’s on offer? Please enter discount code VEGANMARCH to save 15% on any of the below vegan wine cases (valid until 31st March & until stock lasts).
Why vegan wine? These ethical wines are allergen-free as they are dairy-free and thus healthier for you. Still not too sure about the differences between organic, vegan, biodynamic, natural and no added sulphites wines – head to our useful free wine guide here. Enjoy!

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