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7 Productive Things to do When You Don’t Get the Job

stephanie katz – October 26, 2016
Rejection is nobody’s idea of a good time. When you’re searching for a date, an opportunity, admission to the college of your dreams, a chance at fame, or—most important for our purposes—a great job that can help you pay your bills and advance your career, rejection is the opposite of a happy ending. But as all well-rounded adults eventually realize, rejection is a necessary and unavoidable part of life, growth, and career development. If you don’t know how to handle it with grace, or you’ve never been rejected at all, then you haven’t gotten very far on your journey to wherever it is that you’re going.
If you’re passed over for a job you really wanted, recognize the moment as a meaningful, if unpleasant, experience. Process it and move on. These seven actions can help you face the day after a “no”.

  1. You can ask for feedback

If you want to ask why you were rejected, you’re within your legal rights to do so. But if you decide to ask, do so with clarity and purpose. Don’t lose sleep for the next five weeks before picking up the phone and bombarding the confused hiring manager with angry questions. If you’re going to ask, ask only once. Do it as soon as possible, be polite, and accept the answer you’re given. Use the feedback to help you in your job search.

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