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The Ferrari SP275 RW Competizione is a Singular Sensation
Ferrari’s latest one-off is a very hot golden girl
We imagine it’s easy to waste your money when you’re filthy rich. Stupid things like diamond-encrusted toilet seat covers, shirts woven from real gold, and those $10,000 Apple Watches all seem like money gone bad. And then there are custom cars, not all of which qualify as good choices, but we found one that certainly is. It’s called the SP275 RW Competizione, and this one-off is about as tasty as it gets. It was just unveiled at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali event in Daytona.

Enter aMazda May Have a 400 Horsepower Rotary-Engined RX-9 Ready For 2019
Rumor that were once shut down have been revived
When the Mazda RX-Vision Concept showed up at the 2016 Tokyo Motor Show, it was a jaw-dropper. The long red sports car looked like a hyper-exotic, rather than the rightful follow-up to the rotary engine-powered RX-7 and RX-8. Everything about the car screamed exclusivity, and we didn’t read a single line on the interwebs that criticized Design chief Ikuo Maeda’s masterful execution. caption

EnThe Jeep Grand Cherokee is the Best American SUV
The Grand Cherokee is a true sport utility vehicle
Jeep’s flagship SUV, the Grand Cherokee, has a long history of being a competent machine both on and off pavement. The latest iteration of this vehicle is no different. Sporting four different engine options, three different 4×4 setups and a plethora of optional packages, the Grand Cherokee can be had in eight different trim levels if you count the Grand Cherokee SRT. This versatile machine can be outfitted to meet your needs just as long as you don’t need a third row of seating.ter a caption

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Read all our latest articles in the Most Popular Category
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