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Budgeting is more convenient when you know what your rate will be each bill. Lock in 1 year of fixed-rate electricity with First Choice Power.

Make First Choice Power your First Choice.             Make First Choice Power your First Choice.
Create an Energy-
Efficient Abode with EaseIn 2017, electricity prices are expected to increase by 2.7%. With the long-range weather forecasts suggesting a high probability of above-average temperatures for Summer 2017, you could be looking at an expensive year for energy use in your Texas home.Thankfully, no matter if you live in an apartment or house, there are several steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient. Doing so can reduce your energy usage and improve your comfort. Getting the job started isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not entirely sure where to begin. To help you build up your resolve, we’ve put together a list of New Year’s Resolutions for energy efficiency in the home.Tips for EveryoneApartment owners generally don’t let you do too much to improve the energy efficiency of the whole building’s structure. Still, there are inexpensive improvements you can to your living space to seal out drafts as well as take control of the things that use the most energy in your home.1) Switch Out Incandescent Bulbs (and CFL Bulbs!) for LED Bulbs
Source : 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Efficiency in the Home

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