Why ? No headaches , No allergies triggered by additives, excessive sulphites or sugar.

Organic Wine Club: expertly handpicked organic wines

Increased amounts of sulphites (preservatives) in wine can cause migraines, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, headaches and more. Sulphite free winemaking assumes only naturally occurring sulphites. Some of their bottles do state ‘contains sulphites’, this note refers to naturally occurring sulphites which are below 40 mg/l and undetectable by those suffering from wine intolerances such as wine allergy or asthma. Each bottle has been inspected and clearly marked They hope you enjoy these natural wines made without added sulphites. They do not trigger headaches or hangovers, but drink responsibly! 

Organic Wine Club: expertly handpicked organic wines for a better you
via Sulphite free wine: buy organic wine with no sulphites added – Organic Wine Club

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