2018 Recap & 2019 Stock Market Predictions-Phil Town

2018 Recap & 2019 Stock Market Predictions-Phil Town

2018 Recap & 2019 Stock Market Predictions

With 2018 coming to a close and 2019 right around the corner, it’s time to take a look at what happened over this past year and what investors can look forward to in the coming year.
With that said, let’s dive into the recap of 2018 and the outlook of 2019 with some “thin” stock market predictions.


Stock Market in 2018

On January 2nd, 2018 – the first trading day of the new year – the Dow Jones Industrial Average was priced at 24,824.
At the time of this writing, the Dow Jones was priced about the same.
Overall, the market has mostly moved sideways in 2018.
There have been plenty of ups and downs throughout the year, but these ups and downs have canceled out to create very little change in the market.
In spite of the fact that the market has moved sideways throughout 2018, valuations remain very high. Right now, the Shiller PE ratio – a ratio that reflects the average PE of all the companies in the S&P 500 – is at 26.6.
This is almost double the average Shiller PE ratio since the late 1800s, which is 15.68.
It’s also nearing the all-time high of the Shiller PE ratio, which took place when the Shiller PE ratio hit 44.19 in December of 1999.
For those trying to find good investment opportunities in the market in 2018 – opportunities to purchase a company at a price that is on sale compared to its value – these high valuations haven’t been good news.
However, it looks as if they might be on the verge of coming to an end.

What does that mean we can expect for 2019?

All of the signs indicate that we’re in for a significant stock market correction across the market in 2019.
Bull markets never go on forever without a correction, and this current bull market has been trudging along since March of 2009.
It’s certainly possible that it could continue well into 2019, if not 2020, but the market’s sideways movement in 2018 combined with high valuations across the board make that very unlikely.
Far more likely is the possibility that we will see corrections across the market of 20% or higher as the bull market reaches the peak of its run and begins to tumble down.
Some companies may see corrections even higher than 20% depending on the industry that they are in and the specific company itself.
While this is certainly concerning news for some investors, it’s also quite exciting if you know how to prepare for it.

Stock Market Predictions for 2019

The answer is to get your shopping list of quality companies out and get your cash ready – a lot of great buying opportunities are about to come available.
Corrections like the one we might see in 2019 don’t come around very often, and they are always excellent opportunities for investors who have cash to spend and time to wait on the market to climb back up again – a process which typically begins less than a year after a large correction and sometimes as soon as a couple months.
If you approach 2019 with this mindset and strategy, it is sure to be an exciting time.
For the first time in years, investors will have the opportunity to scoop up high-quality companies at low prices, setting themselves up for some considerable gains in the years to come.
However, it’s also important for those who are already invested to keep in mind that 2019 is not the time to sell off the stocks that you own.
What are your stock market predictions for 2019? If you’re ready to learn how to invest Rule #1 style in 2019, click the button below to sign up for my free investing webinar.


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How To Overcome Your Fears, Get Unstuck, And Fuel Your Success

How To Overcome Your Fears, Get Unstuck, And Fuel Your Success

What scares you? Learning how to overcome fears of failure can be challenging for everyone.
Fortunately, all fears are learned. No one is born with fears. Fears can therefore, be unlearned by practicing self-discipline repeatedly with regard to fear until it goes away.
The most common fears that we experience, which often sabotage all hope for success, are the fear of failure, poverty, and loss of money.
These fears cause people to avoid risk of any kind and to reject opportunity when it is presented to them. They are so afraid of failure that they are almost paralyzed when it comes to taking any chances at all.
There are many other fears that interfere with our happiness.

  • People fear the loss of love or
  • People fear the loss of their jobs and their financial security.
  • People fear embarrassment or ridicule.
  • People fear rejection and criticism of any kind.
  • People fear the loss of respect or esteem of others.

These and many other fears hold us back throughout life…
Here are a few techniques to help you overcome your fears and fuel your success:

Fear Paralyzes Action

The most common reaction in a fear situation is the attitude of, “I can’t!”
This is the fear of failure that stops us from taking action. It is experienced physically, starting in the pit of your stomach.
When people are really afraid, their mouth and throat go dry, their heart starts pounding. Sometimes they breathe shallowly and their stomach churns.
These are all physical manifestations of the inhibitive negative habit pattern, which we all experience from time to time.

Fear Shuts Our Brain Down

Whenever a person is in the grip of fear, he feels like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. This fear paralyzes action. It often shuts down the brain and causes the individual to revert to the “fight-or-flight” reaction.
Fear is a terrible emotion that undermines our happiness and can hold us back throughout our lives.

Visualize Yourself As Unafraid

By visualizing yourself performing with confidence and competence in an area where you are fearful, your visual image will eventually be accepted by your subconscious mind as instructions for your performance.
Your self-image, the way you see yourself and think about yourself, is eventually altered by feeding your mind these positive mental pictures of yourself performing at your best.

Practice Acting “As If”

By using the “act as if” method, you walk, talk, and carry yourself exactly as you would if you were completely unafraid in a particular situation.
You stand up straight, smile, move quickly and confidently, and in every respect act as if you already had the courage that you desire.

Use The Law Of Reversibility

The Law of Reversibility says that “If you feel a certain way, you will act in a manner consistent with that feeling.”
But if you act in a manner consistent with that feeling, even if you don’t feel it, the Law of Reversibility will create the feeling that is consistent with your actions.
This is one of the greatest breakthroughs in success psychology. You develop the courage you desire by disciplining yourself repeatedly to do the thing you fear until that fear eventually disappears—and it will.

Confront Your Fears Immediately

Your ability to confront, deal with, and act in spite of your fears is the key to happiness and success.
One of the best exercises you can practice is to identify a person or situation in your life of which you are afraid and resolve to deal with that fear situation immediately.
Do not allow it to make you unhappy for another minute. Resolve to confront the situation or person and put the fear behind you.

Move Toward The Fear

When you identify a fear and discipline yourself to move toward it, it grows smaller and more manageable.
What’s more, as your fears grow smaller, your confidence grows.  Soon, your fears lose their control over you.
In contrast, when you back away from a fear-inducing situation or person, your fear grows larger and larger.
Soon it dominates your thinking and feeling, preoccupies you during the day, and often keeps you awake at night.

Deal With The Fear Directly

The only way to deal with a fear is to address it head-on.
Remind yourself that, “Denial” is not a river in Egypt.
The natural tendency of many people is to deny that they have a problem caused by fear of some kind. They’re afraid of confronting it. In turn, it becomes a major source of stress, unhappiness, and psychosomatic illness.
Be willing to deal with the situation or person directly.
As Shakespeare said, “Take arms against a sea of troubles, and in so doing, end them.”
When you force yourself to face any fear-inducing situation in your life, your self-esteem goes up, your self-respect increases, and your sense of personal pride grows.
You eventually reach the point in life where you are not afraid of anything.

Introducing Winning The Game Of Fear

I’d like to invite you to sign up for my good friend, John Assaraf’s Winning the Game of Fear Training.
John is a great friend and a leading person in the world on the science of the mind. If you’ve seen any of his content in the past, you know that it works.
John is giving a FREE training on how to apply the latest brain-based methods to uncover and overcome your conscious and unconscious that keep you stuck from achieving your goals in your financial and personal life. You yourself can use these brain retraining techniques that John will teach in the comfort of your own home. They’ll help you turn your biggest fears into ‘rocket fuel’ for your dreams.
Click the button below to learn how to take your biggest fears and turn them into your fuel for success at John Assaraf’s Winning the Game of Fear Training!

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Develop A Clear Vision & Plan For Your Future-Brian Tracy

Develop A Clear Vision & Plan For Your Future

Most people have a general idea about what they want for their lives. The capacity to relay that vision to others is the challenge. This is something that sets apart a leader from the rest.
The main quality that all leaders share is that they have a clear and exciting vision for the future, and the ability to communicate that vision.
Only a leader can think about the future and plan for the future each day.

Communicate Your Vision

Excellent leaders take the time to think through and develop a clear picture of how life will look in one, three and five-year increments.
Leaders have the ability to communicate this vision in such a way that others “buy in.” Eventually, others see this vision as belonging to them.

Motivate People To Give Their Best

It is the vision of the future possibilities, of what can be, that arouses emotion and motivates people to give their best.
The most powerful vision is always qualitative, aimed at and described in terms of values and mission. It is not a quantitative vision, described in terms of money and numbers.

Money Is Important

Of course, money is important. The decision and commitment to “be the best in the business,” though, is far more exciting.

Keep Your Cool

Another key to leadership success is for you to “keep your cool.”
A study at Stanford Business School examined the qualities that companies look for in promoting young managers toward senior executive positions, especially the position of Chief Executive Officer. The study concluded that there are two important qualities required for great success.
First, the ability to put together and function as part of a team.
All work is ultimately done by teams. A manager’s output is the output of the team. The ability to select team members, set objectives, delegate responsibility and finally, get the job done, is central to success in management.

Practice Patience Under Pressure

The second leadership quality required for rapid promotion is the ability to function well under pressure, especially in a crisis.
Keeping your cool in a crisis means to practice patience and self-control under difficult or disappointing circumstances.

All Eyes On You

The character and quality of a leader are often demonstrated in these critical moments under fire. In these moments everyone is watching, observing and taking notes.
Rudyard Kipling once said, “If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, then the world is yours and all that’s in it.
Your job as a leader is to have a clear vision of where you want to go. Keep your cool when things go wrong, as they surely will.

Create Your Own Dream Future Board

Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action:
First, project forward 3-5 years and imagine your ideal future vision. What does it look like? What steps can you take right now to begin turning your future vision into your current reality?
A great tool to help visualize your future and focus on your goals is a vision board.
Also known as a dream board, the concept involves placing images of your ideal life, belongings, goals and affirmations onto a board or book.
Once created, you should look at it as often as possible to activate your reticular activating system. Notice the resources and opportunities necessary to make your dreams become part of your reality.
Doing so will also activate the Law of Attraction!
Second, resolve in advance that, no matter what happens, you will remain calm and cool. You will not become upset or angry. You will take a deep breath and focus on the solution rather than on the problem.
via Develop a Clear Vision & Plan For Your Future | Brian Tracy

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The 1 Buffett Stock I'd Buy Right Now

The 1 Buffett Stock I’d Buy Right Now

Several of Berkshire Hathaway’s biggest holdings are on sale, but one company is particularly compelling.

Dec 17, 2018 at 5:02PM
Warren Buffett is arguably one of the most widely followed names in investing circles, having earned the nickname “The Oracle of Omaha” for his ability to look through the noise and identify compelling long-term investments. While not every choice turns out to be a winner, Buffett’s track record at Berkshire Hathaway(NYSE:BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B) is enviable. Since 1965, his picks have yielded compounded annual gains of nearly 21% and soared a massive 2,404,748%!With a record of that magnitude, it’s easy to see why investors would be eager to follow his sterling example. Recent market volatility and fears of a trade tiff with China have taken a toll on a wide range of stocks, taking them well off recent highs and giving investors the opportunity to follow one of Buffett’s favorite axioms — buying solid businesses at a discount, or as he says “being greedy when others are fearful.”While his roster of investments is ripe with bargains, I think one company is particularly compelling: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).

A closeup image of Warren Buffett.


A stunning fall from grace

After Apple became the first company in U.S. history to reach a $1 trillion market cap, things have taken a turn for the worse. The company had largely avoided the effects of the growing trade war with China and launched new models of its flagship iPhone in early September, driving its stock to all-time highs.
Apple stock began its decline in early October along with the rest of the tech sector, but the bottom seemed to fall out after Apple released its fiscal fourth-quarter results in early November. While sales of the recently introduced iPhones weren’t as lofty as some had expected, it was the company’s controversial decision to stop providing investors with unit sales data that made headlines — and started an ongoing slump in the stock price that has continued until today. This leaves Apple stock selling at a 29% discount to its recent highs.
Recent regulatory filings show that Buffett had amassed nearly 252 million shares of Apple stock as of Oct. 31 — a massive 5% of the company’s outstanding shares. The recent downturn, however, has caused the value of his investment to drop by nearly $17 billion from its recent highs.

Buffett’s view

Investors who focus solely on the stock price, however, are likely missing the big picture. It’s helpful, therefore, to go back and look at some of Buffett’s reasons for investing in Apple in the first place.
In a prophetic move, Buffet had previously addressed the issue of unit sales and investors’ tendency to focus on quarterly iPhone numbers in an interview earlier this year:

Nobody buys a farm based on whether they think it’s going to rain next year or not. They buy it because they think it’s a good investment over 10 or 20 years … The idea of spending loads of time trying to guess how many iPhone X … are going to be sold in a given three month period, to me, it totally misses the point.

On another occasion, Buffett said, “I do not focus on the sales in the next quarter or the next year,” he said. “I focus on the … hundreds, hundreds, hundreds [of] millions of people who practically live their lives by it [the iPhone].”

A woman typing on an iPhone XR on a dark street.


Even though Berkshire owns 5% of Apple shares, if it were up to Buffett, he wouldn’t stop there, saying “I’d love to own 100% of it.” There are a number of reasons that Buffett sees the company as a compelling opportunity. He specifically called out Apple’s leadership, saying, “We like very much the management and the way they think.” He also cited “the economics of their activities” as a selling point.
One of the biggest attractions is Apple’s customer loyalty, which Buffett said is “huge.” “It’s a very, very, very valuable product to people that build their lives around it.” He even said that it goes beyond loyalty:

Apple has an extraordinary consumer franchise. I see how strong that ecosystem is, to an extraordinary degree. … You are very, very, very locked in, at least psychologically and mentally, to the product you are using. [IPhone] is a very sticky product.”

A compelling opportunity

Nobody likes a bargain more than Buffett, and Apple is certainly on sale right now, trading at less than 13 times forward earnings estimates. The company has also consistently raised its quarterly payout, to $0.73 earlier this year, and currently yields over 1.7%. Apple is paying just 23% of its profits to support the dividend, leaving plenty of room for future increases.
The company has also been buying back its shares by the truckload. During fiscal 2018, Apple repurchased $73 billion of shares and has reduced its share count by 23% over the past five years. Even in light of the significant purchases the company has made to date, there’s no indication that the trend will change anytime soon.
In spite of his significant stake, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Buffett has been adding to his position in Apple stock during its recent swoon — and maybe you should, too.

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Danny Vena owns shares of Apple. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Apple and Berkshire Hathaway (B shares). The Motley Fool has the following options: long January 2020 $150 calls on Apple and short January 2020 $155 calls on Apple. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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Spend Some Unforgettable Moments With Your Loved Ones !

Explore the Canadian wilderness from the comfort of Fairmont Le Château Montebello, one of the most luxurious hotels in Montebello, Quebec. A world class resort in a unique setting, each season brings new diversions.

Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello


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Personal Branding: How to Create & Strengthen Your Brand | Brian Tracy

Personal Branding: How to Create & Strengthen Your Brand | Brian Tracy

Personal branding plays a crucial role in your success. Whether you’re aware of it or not, everyone has a personal brand or image that affects the way others see and think about you.
That’s why your personal brand and image are so important in determining if you’re successful in life.

What Is A Personal Brand?

Let me define a personal brand first — a brand is basically a promise. When you have a brand, it’s a promise that you make and are known for keeping to the person who you are asking or trying to influence.
Human beings decide emotionally and justify logically.
If you have a good personal brand, people are willing to pay you more for your product or service and argue less.

What Does It Mean When You Brand Yourself?

Branding yourself means developing your professional identity to align with your values. A brand always begins with your values. What do you stand for?
Quality? Excellence? Responsiveness? Teamwork? Innovation? Leadership?
Then you build a tremendous personal brand by starting with the principle of integrity.
There’s no better reputation you can have other than for people to say that when they do business with you, you always fulfill your promises.
The answer for success is to do what you’ve been hired to do and do it. Now, this expands into every area of your interactions with others.
Here’s the rule:
“Everything counts. Everything that you do either creates and builds your brandor weakens and destroys your brand.”

8 Personal Branding Tips

1. Focus And Specialize On One Area

It means you have to focus your brand on one area of achievement. You cannot be all things to everyone.
You can choose to specialize either in your line of work, your product, your company or industry, the media, your community, etc.
But you have to be focused like a laser beam on one thing.

2. Become A Leader In Your Field

You have to be acknowledged as one of the most knowledgeable, respected, or skilled people in your field. They have great leadership qualities.
So one of the things you ask yourself is, “Where do I want to be a leader in my field?”

3. Your Brand, Your Personality

Your brand must be built around your personality in all its aspects, including flaws.
Now here’s a question: What would be the best personality for your brand to have?
If you wanted people to describe you in a particular way, what would be a good way for them to describe you?

4. Build A Distinct Brand

Once you’ve created your personal brand, you have to express it in a unique way.
For example, I knew a woman who sends a thank you card with a dried flower inside.
When you open it, it falls out. That little sort of thing is what made people remember her for months and years later.
Maybe you will sign your name in a particular way or dress in a particular way.
I know another person who always wears red. So how can you be distinctive?

5. Be Visible

To be effective, your personal brand must be seen repeatedly and consistently.
When you form a brand, in a way you’re getting into show business.
If you’re not out there talking to people, networking, getting involved, it doesn’t do you any good.
Be out there where people see you all the time. Very often people will hire you, buy from you, recommend you for no other reason than they’ve seen you around a lot.
Here is a video about marketing your business with some other tips in it.

6. Be Consistent

Your behavior behind closed doors must match your public brand.
It’s completely destroying of a person’s brand to find out that he or she is mean to people in private.
One of the greatest brand claims you can get is people saying you are always the same on the outside as you are on the inside.

7. Be Persistent

Once you’ve established your personal brand, give it time to grow. Stick with your brand and ignore fads, trends, changes.
In other words, be consistent all the time.

8. Build Good Will To Others

The more you are perceived as well-intentioned or embodying valued ideals, the more influential your brand will be.
We call this Back-From-the-Future thinking.
Ask yourself this:
“If 3 years from now, if they’re going to do a study on me and come back with a report on the kind of person I was, the way I treated other people, how people talked about me, my reputation, and my position in the hearts and minds of others, what words would I want them to use? Of all the words, what would be the one word that would help me more than anything else in my field?”
It’s really a work of brilliance to pick a word that will be your leading attribute.

What Does Personal Branding Mean To You?

Ask yourself this:
What word should people use to describe your superb brand?
The next step is asking yourself, “What could I do differently from now on so that people think of me like this all the time?”
Remember, a brand is a promise you make. It’s saying that, “If you interact with me, get involved with me, buy from me, sell with me, go out with me, and so on, this is the kind of person you will get.”
Now is it hard to develop a reputation for always doing what you say you will do, no matter what?
The answer is, Yes it is.
But what difference does it make in your life?
People who have a positive personal brand get jobs much easier, hired faster, paid more, promoted faster than people who don’t because the first thing people do is check your reputation — your personal brand.
When people hear your name or hear about your brand, what words do you want them to think about? Curious about the mistakes people make that are keeping them from wealth? Check out my free Ebook, The 5 Reasons Most People Don’t Become Wealthy. 
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Teaching Leadership-Ziglar Inc

Teaching Leadership

Ziglar Inc –
“Giving up reinforces a sense of incompetence. Going on gives
you a commitment to success.” George Weinberg
According to Fortune magazine, “Today’s standard of leadership – influencing human behavior in an environment of uncertainty – is dauntingly difficult to teach.” Ronald Heifetz of Harvard’s Kennedy school of government, says that “instead of telling people what to do, real leaders focus on helping people find their own way through ‘adaptive challenges'” – that is, “problems without readily apparent solutions”. Jim Collins, author of Built to Last, reports that companies that succeed long-term stick passionately to a set of values and create systems that get employees to act in accord with those values. Says he: “Companies that take an architectural approach, putting in mechanisms to produce the right kind of behavior, don’t need to look outside for leaders.”
The buzz-word of today is taking the hard stuff of leadership and making it soft. This procedure is followed by Hewlett-Packard, Fuji Xerox of Japan, General Electric, McKinsey and Pepsi Co. It’s true, “you’ve got to be before you can do and do before you can have.” The right kind of people make right decisions and set good examples, which other people emulate. For many companies this will involve leaving “comfort zones,” but those companies who stick to this concept over a period of time are rewarded with capable, character-based leadership.
The benefits are enormous because virtually all companies make their people more effective between eight in the morning and five in the afternoon. However, the truism, “What you do off the job determines how far you go on the job,” goes into effect at this point, and those companies which teach the character qualities understand this because they know that a person’s personal and family life will have a direct bearing on their productivity in their business life.
Buy these principles and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!
Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator. He authored 36 books and produced numerous life-changing programs. He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily.
via Ziglar Inc – Teaching Leadership

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Find the best flight to Riviera Maya Mexico !

About Riviera Maya
The Riviera Maya offers so much to do and see for people of all ages ranging from its spectacular landscape and beaches to its many exciting water-based activities such as snorkelling and windsurfing. The Riviera Maya area is comprised of many globally recognised destinations including Cancun and Playa del Carmen, while its wider area is also home to some interesting Mayan ruins and beautiful natural parks.

Much of the Riviera Maya’s allure comes from its incredible coastline and pristine beaches, making it an ideal spot for those looking to relax and enjoy the sunny Mexican weather. There is also a lot to do for active travellers including snorkelling and diving off the coast as well as watersports such as windsurfing and kayaking. Some of the region’s cities such as Cancun are world-class party destinations boasting a huge number of vibrant clubs and bars, while the thriving tourism industry has also enabled many restaurants, shops and cafes to thrive. Nature lovers will not want to miss out on visiting one of Riviera Maya’s Eco Theme Parks including Xplore Nature Park with its underground grottos and caves.
The primary airport in the Riviera Maya is Cancun International Airport, operating flights to and from many destinations including European airports. Alternatively, Cozumel International Airport is another viable choice for travellers, although most of its flight routes are domestic or from the United States. Most travellers can easily hop in a taxi or arrange a private vehicle to get to their destination, while many hotels and resorts in the region are known to provide shuttles to and from the airport.
The Riviera Maya is a roughly 120-kilometre long region along the Yucatan Peninsula that is known as one of Mexico’s premier tourist destinations. The climate stays warm for most of the year, with a rainy season falling between May and November. Just off the coast of the Riviera Maya visitors will find the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second longest in the world and one of the region’s biggest appeals
via Riviera Maya Hotels: 6,691 Cheap Riviera Maya Hotel Deals, Mexico


About Air Canada

Air Canada (AC) is Canada’s largest airline serving more than 200 destinations on six continents. Air Canada, together with its partners Air Canada Express and rouge, carried more than 41 million passengers in 2015. The airline started as Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) on 1 September 1937 and today is one of the 20 largest airlines of the world. It is also one of the founding members of the Star Alliance. Its major hubs include Calgary International (YYC), Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau (YUL), Toronto Pearson (YYZ), and Vancouver International (YVR). A modern Airbus and Boeing fleet provides Business Class, Premium Economy on long-haul international, and Economy Class service.

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air-canada (1)

Find the best flight to Riviera Maya


Riviera Maya juillet 2018 (2).jpg
Riviera Maya juillet 2018-3 (5)
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Riviera Maya juillet 2018-12 (4)
Riviera Maya juillet 2018-30 (2)

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Riviera Maya juillet 2018-32 (2).jpg

Beautiful piece of history and nature

Riviera Maya juillet 2018-36 (1)About -Tulum (Spanish pronunciation: [tu’lum], Yucatec: Tulu’um) is the site of a Pre-Columbian Maya walled city serving as a major port for Coba.[1] The ruins are situated on 12-meter (39 ft) tall cliffs, along the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula 

Riviera Maya juillet 2018-37 (1).jpg
Riviera Maya juillet 2018-46 (2)
Riviera Maya juillet 2018-78 (1)
Riviera Maya juillet 2018-49 (1)
Riviera Maya juillet 2018-78 (1).jpg
Riviera Maya juillet 2018-79 (2).jpg
Riviera Maya juillet 2018-80 (2).jpg

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