Have you heard about First Ever All-Vegan Suite in London ?


You Can Book a Stay in the First Ever All-Vegan Suite | TripAdvisor Blog

By Jelisa Castrodale  

It’s in London (and here’s what “all-vegan” actually means).

Have you heard about Paul McCartney and all of the steps he takes to ensure that he is always surrounded by all-vegan…everything? The former Beatle has been known to ask concert venues to serve only vegan food during his shows–which you can get away with when you’re a former Beatle–and has asked for his dressing room to be completely free of animal products, animal prints, or synthetic versions of either one. Rumor has it, he’s even asked hotels to remove their leather furnishings before he checked in.

Whether or not that hotel thing is true, there’s one spot in London that wouldn’t have to change a thing to accommodate him.

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The First All-Vegan Suite Is in London. Here’s What That Means.

The Hilton London Bankside has recently opened a completely vegan hotel suite, where everything – the furnishings, the flooring, the toiletries and all of the snacks in the mini-bar – is made entirely from plant-based materials.

Designers Bompas & Parr relied on wood and cotton for the basics, and used a leather alternative called Piñatex for the details. Piñatex has the look and feel of leather, but is made from tiny fibers extracted from pineapple leaves.

According to The Independent, the foods and drinks in the mini-bar are all vegan, which you’d expect. But the Hilton goes beyond fruit snacks, by ensuring that the toiletries are all vegan-friendly, and that even the cleaning products used to tidy up are plant-based (and haven’t been tested on animals, which is equally important). As for bedding, guests have the choice of catching their animal-free zzzs on either buckwheat- or millet-filled pillows.

But the vegan experience starts before guests even get to their room and extends to other areas of the hotel as well: Those who have booked a stay in this suite are taken to a special check-in area with Piñatex-covered couches – and if they dine at the hotel’s in-house vegan restaurant, you can guess what kind of chairs they’ll park themselves on.

One concierge at the Hilton London Bankside told the Independent that, if this suite is well-received, the suite right next to it will be given the all-vegan treatment as well. A stay in the suite starts at £539 ($693) per night. Yes, it’s pricey, but then again: the place is fit for a Beatle.

via You Can Book a Stay in the First Ever All-Vegan Suite | TripAdvisor Blog

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