Splash & Slide at the World's #1 Water Park | TripAdvisor Blog


Splash & Slide at the World’s #1 Water Park | TripAdvisor Blog
Spain’s Siam Park is the world’s #1 2019 Travelers’ Choice Water Park, taking the top spot for the sixth straight year. Travelers love to get wet and wild at this vast complex of pools and slides. Dive in and see what the fuss is all about!


More than a million visitors a year visit Siam Park‘s 46 acres of jungle, Thai architecture, winding rivers and vertiginous slides. Here are some highlights for the thrill – and chill – seekers.


Not for the faint of heart! After a near-vertical drop, this slide sends your four-person float through 200 meters of water and vegetation, at heights of up to 30 meters, and ends in a thunderous wave.

Mai Thai River

The world’s longest lazy river also has the highest elevation of any (eight meters) in the world. There are fast and slow sections so visitors can find their speed.


How does zero-gravity feel? Float in a tornado-shaped funnel and then hit a totally vertical drop to find out!


The park’s newest ride is also the world’s fastest. High-speed curves and 14 direction changes allow this water coaster to top six meters per second ascending and 18 meters per second on the way down!

Wave Palace

You can relax on the white sand at at the edge or dive in and surf waves  up to three meters, the highest artificial waves in the world.

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