Why You Need Discipline to Achieve the Good Life » Jim Rohn Blog

Why You Need Discipline to Achieve the Good Life » Jim Rohn Blog

What’s at the core of achieving the good life? It is not learning how to set goals. It is not learning how to better manage your time. It is not mastering the attributes of leadership.
Every day in a thousand different ways, we are trying to improve ourselves by learning how to do things. We spend a lifetime gathering knowledge—in classrooms, in textbooks, in experiences. And if knowledge is power, if knowledge is the forerunner to success, why do we fall short of our objectives? Why, in spite of all our knowledge and collected experiences, do we find ourselves aimlessly wandering? Settling in for a life of existence rather than a life of substance?
There might be many answers to this question. Your answer might be different from everyone else you know. Although there might be many answers to this question, the ultimate answer might be the absence of discipline in applying our knowledge. The key word is discipline, as in self-discipline.
It doesn’t really matter how smart you are if you don’t use your knowledge. It doesn’t really matter that you graduated magna cum laude if you’re stuck in a low-paying job. It doesn’t really matter that you attend every seminar that comes to town if you don’t apply what you’ve learned.

We spend our lives gathering: gathering knowledge, gathering skills, gathering experiences. But we must also apply the knowledge.

We spend our lives gathering: gathering knowledge, gathering skills, gathering experiences. But we must also apply the knowledge, skills and experiences we gather in the realms of life and business. We must learn to use what we’ve learned.

And once we’ve applied our knowledge, we must study the results of that process and refine our approach.
Finally, by trying and observing and refining and trying again, our knowledge will inevitably produce worthy, admirable results. And with the joy and results of our efforts, we continue to fuel our ambition with the positive reinforcement of continued progress. Pretty soon, we’ll find that we’re swept into a spiral of achievement, a vertical rise to success. And the ecstasy of that total experience makes for a life triumphant over tragedy, dullness and mediocrity.
But for this whole process to work for us, we must first master the art of consistent self-discipline. It takes consistent self-discipline to master the art of setting goals, time management, leadership, parenting and relationships. If we don’t make consistent self-discipline part of our daily lives, the results we seek will be sporadic and elusive. It takes a consistent effort to truly manage our valuable time. Without it, we’ll be consistently frustrated. Our time will be eaten up by others whose demands are stronger than our own.
It takes discipline to conquer the nagging voices in our minds: the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of poverty, the fear of a broken heart. It takes discipline to keep trying when that nagging voice within us brings up the possibility of failure.
It takes discipline to admit our errors and recognize our limitations. The voice of the human ego speaks to all of us. Sometimes, that voice tells us to magnify our value or accomplishments beyond our actual results. It leads us to exaggerate, to not be totally honest. It takes discipline to be totally honest, both with ourselves and with others.
Be certain of one thing: Every exaggeration of the truth, once detected by others, destroys our credibility. It makes all that we say and do suspect. As soon as a business colleague figures out that we tend to exaggerate, guess what… he or she will think we always exaggerate. And they’ll never quite hold us in the same regard again. Never.
The tendency to exaggerate, distort or even withhold the truth is an inherent part of all of us. It starts when we’re kids. Johnny says, “I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it!” Well maybe Johnny didn’t do it, but he probably had something to do with it. And then it continues when we’re adults: exaggerating the benefits of a product to make a sale, exaggerating our net worth to impress old friends, exaggerating how closer we are to closing a deal to impress the boss. Only an all-out, disciplined assault can overcome this tendency.

It takes discipline to change a habit, because once habits are formed, they act like a giant cable, a nearly unbreakable instinct.

It takes discipline to change a habit, because once habits are formed, they act like a giant cable, a nearly unbreakable instinct that only long-term, disciplined activity can change. We must unweave every strand of the cable of the habits, slowly and methodically, until the cable that once held us in bondage becomes nothing more than scattered strands of wire. It takes the consistent application of a new discipline, a more desirable discipline, to overcome one which is less desirable.
It takes discipline to plan. It takes discipline to execute our plan. It takes discipline to look with full objectivity at the results of our applied plan. And it takes discipline to change either our plan or our method of executing that plan if the results are poor. It takes discipline to be firm when the world throws opinions at our feet. And it takes discipline to ponder the value of someone else’s opinion when our pride and our arrogance lead us to believe that we are the only ones with the answers.
With this consistent discipline applied to every area of our lives, we can discover untold miracles and uncover unique possibilities and opportunities.





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The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil – Show in Las Vegas |


The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil - Save Over $35!

The Beatles™ LOVE™ by Cirque du Soleil®
Honor the band that changed pop music forever in The Beatles™ LOVE™ by Cirque du Soleil®. Featured at the Mirage in Las Vegas, this is the first time that The Beatles Company has agreed to do a theatrical performance, making The Beatles™ LOVE™ by Cirque du Soleil® the only show if its kind. Music director Giles Martin, son of the fable Beatles’ producer Sir George Martin, re-imagined The Beatles library and created a mix of classic and cult songs to tell the incredible story of the band. Set to the fast-paced and youthful energy created by the dancers, jaw-dropping Cirque Du Soleil ® aerial acts and more, this performance recreates the excitement that surrounded this legendary band in their heyday.
The Music
Music is the clear focal point of this magical performance because the director brilliantly intertwines the lyrics of one song to blend with the melody of the next. Over 130 songs are sampled and 26 musical masterpieces were created to make this a three-time Grammy winning soundtrack that now also features the popular “Twist & Shout.” “Hey Jude” and “Lady Madonna” are some of the classic staples that will have you singing along, but you may be surprised by the songs that capture your heart. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “Octopus’s Garden” are also featured to add to the show making for a heartwarming and stunning performance.
Why The Beatles™ LOVE™ by Cirque du Soleil®?
The Beatles™ LOVE™ by Cirque du Soleil® takes you on musical journey through the political and spiritual experiences of the 1960s. This is the only show of its kind that plays a compilation of classic Beatles songs that revolutionized the music industry. The fast-paced dancing, acrobatics, and athleticism displayed by the characters creates stunning visuals for an award-winning soundtrack. Plus, the over-the-top imagination and acrobatics by Cirque du Soleil ® in LOVE ™ will capture your heart with the songs that changed the world forever. One of the best Las Vegas Shows on the strip, get your Cirque du Soleil ® tickets; it’s a Revolution!
Now, the show has been upgraded to include even more stunning renditions of your favorite Beatles tracks and integrating all-new technology. Beatlemania is stronger than ever on the Las Vegas Strip, so don’t wait another minute to catch this completely re-imagined production. With new acts, choreography, costumes, and multi-sensory additions, The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil is bigger, brighter, and bolder than ever!
Did you know?
•    Sir George Martin, the legendary music-producer for the Beatles in the 1960s, remixed the soundtrack for LOVE ™
•    The Soundtrack for LOVE ™ was released publicly in 2006 and has won two Grammys.
•    The cast features 60 international dancers.
•    The Mirage featuring 360˚ seating and advanced high definition video projections with 100-foot digital, moving images.





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The Beauty Of Nature To Discover!


Cool Nuuk: Greenland’s burgeoning capital city

Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, is often forgotten by travellers keen to explore the territory’s famous glaciers and ice fields. While it’s true Nuuk is home to long apartment blocks and industrial buildings, it’s experiencing a revival, with gourmet restaurants, edgy architecture and boutiques springing upFrom contemporary, northern lights–inspired edifices, to haute cuisine prepared using local ingredients, Nuuk is quickly shedding its old image and transforming into an up-and-coming Nordic cultural capital.

New Nordic cuisine plated up and ready to be served at Sarfalik, Nuuk

New Nordic cuisine served at Sarfalik © Nellie Huang / Lonely Planet

Admire avant garde architecture

Amidst the traditional Scandinavian gable-roofed houses of downtown Nuuk stand several glass-walled constructions giving the city a fresh look. The Katuaq Cultural Centre is Nuuk’s architectural highlight. Its exterior is sheathed by a floating, undulating screen of golden wood: the screen acts as an architectural metaphor for the northern lights, while the massive form of the building is reminiscent of the icy mountains of Greenland.
The new edifice that houses the Self Rule Government is another futuristic building covered in glass and steel. Besides its architecturally innovative facade, the parliament house also houses a number of artworks. Free guided tours are available when the parliament is not in session.


Ottawa with kids: top attractions for tykes in Canada’s capital city

Ottawa is a children’s playground with many outdoor activities and, in the case of summer showers, some of the best museums in the country. Here are some of…

The undulating facade of Katuaq Cultural Centre, NuukThe undulating facade of Katuaq Cultural Centre © Nellie Huang / Lonely Planet

Do an art walk

Urban regeneration is making over the city, with street art and sculptures adorning Nuuk’s outdoor canvasses and creative spaces. Admire the work of Greenlandic and international artists on an art walk created by the Nuuk Kuntsmuseum. Many of the art pieces were inspired by Greenlandic legends and myths, and some of the most impressive works include the Kaassassuk sculpture in front of the parliament house, and the mural of a woman with a polar bear on apartment block 10. Download the art walk guide in PDF or podcast from the museum website.

The sculpture titled 'Kaassassuk', positioned on a plinth in front of the parliament house, Nuuk.

Kaassassuk sculpture in front of the parliament house © Nellie Huang / Lonely Planet

Take in the city’s best views

Climb up to the lookout at the colonial harbour where a statue of Hans Egede stands. He was the first Danish missionary to land and settle here at this harbour in 1721. From the lookout, the whole city spreads picturesquely before you: from the Lutheran Nuuk Cathedral to the striking Home Rule Government building, backdropped by the mountain peaks that surround the city.
Further down the shoreline from the colonial harbour is the quiet residential area of Myggedalen, or Mosquito Valley. There isn’t much to see here in terms of tourist sites, but it’s definitely the most scenic spot in Nuuk. Climb up to any rock mount to get a view of the colourful waterfront Scandinavian houses. In summer, this is the best spot to catch the midnight sunset over the water.

View over the brightly-coloured wooden houses of the Myggedalen neighbourhood of Nuuk.Myggedalen, Nuuk © Nellie Huang / Lonely Planet

Shop at local boutiques

Greenland used to export only fish but they’ve expanded into the fashion industry in recent years thanks to forward-thinking designers. Local brands like Qiviut and Nuuk Couture now ship their products to Denmark, and it plans to expand to the rest of Europe in the near future.

Owner and founder of Qiviut, Anita Høegh, was one of the first few to discover the best way to spin the long coat of the musk ox, a large bison-like animal, into wool. Today, she’s grown the business into one of the world’s largest musk ox wool producers. The fibre is incredibly warm and soft, and it’s approved for export, unlike polar bear and seal products.
Another local brand is Nuuk Couture, a Greenland-inspired fashion line created by local designer Louise Lynge Hansen. Hansen always dreamed of launching her own line, and finally pushed herself to do it after overcoming cancer. Visit her boutique 3900 FUTURE (Aqqusinersuaq 1-3) for apparel with Inuit patterns and northern lights designs.

A display of Nuuk Couture products inside the shop 3900 FUTURE, Nuuk.Nuuk Couture products on display at 3900 FUTURE © Nellie Huang / Lonely Planet

Go beer tasting

Beer lovers can take a tour of Godthaab Bryghus and sample some of its best brews. The island’s oldest and largest brewery has been creating some of the most popular beers in Greenland since 2006. Jörg-Erich Sennhenn, the head brewer at Godthaab, will take you on a journey from the start to the end of the beer-making process. At various stages, you’ll get to taste each of the five different beers they produce: including the Godthaab Classic Bâja and the sweet Pullartat champagne beer.

Try haute cuisine, Greenland style

Greenland’s culinary landscape has changed dramatically since the arrival of several gourmet restaurants in Nuuk.
Sarfalik is one example, serving New Nordic cuisine using Greenland’s natural produce. The fine-dining restaurant’s tasting menu lets you sample the best on offer, from musk-ox tartare to roasted halibut. Katuaq, the Cultural Centre’s main dining venue, also serves new Greenlandic fare at wallet-friendlier prices. For a taste of Nuuk’s freshest produce, order the seafood platter, which promises a hefty portion of shrimps, snow crab, mussels and smoked scallops.
With the fjords as its backdrop, Inuk Hostels adds a new spin on traditional Inuit dishes, such as mini musk ox burgers.

An artistically presented plate of food from the tasting menu at Sarfalik restaurant, Nuuk.A dish from the tasting menu at Sarfalik © Nellie Huang / Lonely Planet

Experience Arctic nightlife

Despite Nuuk’s small scale, there’s no shortage of character-filled bars in town. The pedestrianised Imaneq St is flanked by drinking holes where locals convene: archetypal pub Takuss is decorated with antique skis and kayaks, while Kristinemut is a cosy and intimate bar that resembles a wooden log cabin. The biggest bar in town is probably Daddy’s, a traditional Irish pub with pool tables and a raving scene on weekend nights. Skyline Bar on the top level of Hotel Hans Egede has the best view in Nuuk.

Make Nuuk happen

Nuuk is located on the southwestern coast of Greenland, and is accessible only by air. Air Greenland flies from Copenhagen, Denmark (6 hours) and Keflavik, Iceland (3 hours) direct to Nuuk. The airport is 4km from town; bus number 3 runs from the airport to the city centre every hour and costs 15 DKK one way.
The most upscale hotel in town is Hotel Hans Egede, a slick business hotel in the very centre of Nuuk, just steps away from several restaurants and bars.
via Discover Nuuk, Greenland’s burgeoning capital city – Lonely Planet

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Prestige properties for sale


House for sale in 

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Beautifully Renovated Large Family Home | eBay
s-l1600 (7)

Beautifully Renovated Large Family Home

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Do you have this moment for a sudden craving for an ice cream?

By Roxana Ghaemi
We all scream for ice cream! Cruisers love having ice cream on board, and you can find some sort of it on any cruise ship.

We’ve all had that moment when a sudden craving for an ice cold sweet treat hits us, but what to do if this happens when you’re in the middle of the ocean on a cruise? Fear not, you can find delicious ice cream and gelato on board any cruise ship. Whet your appetite with the below selection that we’ve rounded up in partnership with CruiseCritic.

  • Carnival Cruise Line

What to Try: Hand-blended ice cream creations at Cherry on Top

Where to Find It: Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon

Details: If you’re a fan of Coldstone Creamery, you’ll love Cherry on Top – offering hand-mixed ice cream, prepared over an ice-cold slab. Pick from a wide array of candies to be blended into your ice cream for the ultimate ice cream fix.


  • MSC

What to Try: Chocolate meets gelato at Venchi Gelateria

Where to Find it:MSC Seaview, MSC Seaside, and MSC Divina

Details: With Venchi’s 135 years of experience in Italian chocolate and gelato, you’re guaranteed an indulging ice cream experience on board. Choose from a variety of flavors, with new options every day, created in their on-board laboratory.


  • Princess

What to Try: Drunken gelato with some ambiance

Where to Find it: Regal Princess and Royal Princess

Details: Choose from a delicious assortment of toppings to garnish your ice cream, or have some fun with it, and order an alcoholic sundae.  Enjoy your creamy cup in Princess Cruises’ well-known Piazza with their vintage Italian look, or in the ice cream parlors themselves, that make you feel like you went to a retro parlor in the early 20thcentury.


  • Royal Caribbean

What to Try: Ben & Jerry’s

Where to Find it: Voyager of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas

Details: Vermont’s finest at Sea! Miss your favorite flavors from home? Treat yourself, and choose from a variety of flavors, toppings, and freshly baked waffle cones.


  • Holland America

What to Try: The gelato popsicles and sundaes at G Gelato

Where: Holland America’s Koningsdam and Statendam

Details: With its staff trained in Italy, G Gelato offers the most original sundaes. But if you’re in the mood for scoops, you can choose from an array of flavors and toppings.

via Where to Find Some of the Best Ice Cream and Gelato at Sea | TripAdvisor Blog   

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