10 Fantastic Ideas for a Date Night in Montreal

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10 Fantastic Ideas for a Date Night in Montreal

As the second largest French-speaking city in the world, Montreal offers a dreamy romantic getaway unlike any other in North America. Whether you’re celebrating an early anniversary or a long golden marriage, these date ideas are perfect for showing your love to the one you care about.

10. Walk through Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park is the central greenspace of the city and makes for a perfect outing for a first date or couple getaway. The forested slopes of the small mountain rise above the downtown and are especially beautiful in autumn when the foliage changes colors. From Spring to Fall, the park is perfect for hiking and cycling, as well as a romantic stroll. Even winter can’t bring the park down. In fact, some might say winter is the park’s most exciting season when ice skating and tobogganing becomes widely available.
mount royal park

9. Montreal’s Many Museums

To spruce up your date night with a bit of culture, try a stroll through the city’s many museums. The Maison Saint-Gabriel Museum features Montreal’s colonial roots complete with restored farmhouse and barn. For more Canadian history, the McCord Museum features collections on archaeology and decorative arts. The somber Montreal Holocaust Museum is dedicated to Holocaust education and awareness and will leave you and your date with a greater understanding and empathy for human history. Finally, for a classical museum experience, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is one of the premier art museums in the country.
montreal museums

8. Montreal Bagel Date

Along with smoked meats, Montreal is famous for their specialty bagels. Unlike bagels south of the border, Montreal bagels are denser, sweeter and with a much larger center hole. Commonly purchased with sesame seed or poppy seed coatings, the bagels are a city-wide delight. For a fun and culinary rewarding date night, stop by St-Viateur Bagel or Fairmount Bagel for some of the oldest and most classically created bagels in the city.
montreal bagels

7. Quartier des Spectacles

For an exciting night out on the town, you can’t beat the Quartier des Spectacles. This arts and entertainment district are the center of Montreal’s largest and most exciting festivals and attractions. The annual Montreal International Jazz Festival is centered here, as well as the Just for Laughs comedy festival. On any given weekend the quarter is alive with music, new art showings and other cultural activities. From the sights and sounds of the Place des Arts to the serene Grande Bibliotheque, the Quartier des Spectacles has something for every kind of couple.

6. Afternoon Tea at the Cardinal Tea Room

For a cozy weekend date, taking afternoon tea for two at the Cardinal Tea Room is a great idea. Afternoon tea is a British tradition centered on savory pastries, sweet cakes and scones and of course, a pot of comforting tea. At the Cardinal Tea Room, their afternoon tea for two is a replica of the multi-course meal emblematic of luxury hotels and tearooms. While the pricing can be a bit steep, afternoon tea makes for an excellent way to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries.

5. Dinner and a Movie at the Cinema Moderne

This institution of independent film is the city’s center for film festivals as well as hosting films year-round. The calendar is carefully curated by a team of film enthusiasts and is changed weekly. Everything from animation, to documentaries, to film classics are shown along with yearly events and film workshops. The cinema also has a bar and café, making it a perfect place to go for dinner and a movie with your special someone.

4. Visit the Old Port

The Old Port is one of Montreal’s most popular tourist spots as well as a centerpiece of the city’s history. The port has been in continuous use since 1611 and provides a wide variety of different activities. Everything from paddle boating to an IMAX theater and science center are located at the Old Port. After walking through the port, you can finish your date with dinner at any of the amazing restaurants located nearby along the Saint Lawrence River.
old port montreal

3. Boardgames at Randolph Pub

For a date night perfect for frozen winter nights, stop by Randolph Pub for drinks and boardgames. The cozy pub is famous for their boardgame selections and make a great idea for Montreal’s long winters. The pub is also perfect for group dates, or just a night out with friends as well. And of course, the food and drinks are always perfect as well.

2. Outdoor Ice Skating

The quintessential Montreal winter date, outdoor ice skating is a great way to enjoy Quebec’s winter landscape with your date. For a romantic venue in the city, stop by Bonsecours Basin anytime after December for picture perfect skating. For a small cozier venue, try Parc Pratt. This tiny park is rarely crowded and offers a great venue for an ice-skating date.

1. Dinner Out on the Town

For an unforgettable date night in Montreal, indulge in the city’s famous culinary scene. From wood fired bagels, to Montreal-style smoked meat sandwiches, to the city’s most recognizable export, poutine; you can’t go wrong with dining in the city. The city is buzzing with bistros, delis, bakeries and microbreweries but a few come to mind for a special night out.
montreal poutineAlep has some of the best Middle-Eastern food in the city, with garlic dips and incredible kebabs. Chez Tousignant is a classically styled Quebecois eatery with poutine, hot dogs and burgers. Le Diplomate is one of the best stops in town for French food and Mae Sri is a great place to experience contemporary Montreal’s diversity. This Thai restaurant offers Thai takes on culinary classics for a truly memorable experience.
Finding the perfect date is easy in a city as romantic as Montreal. Book your next trip to this French enclave today through Expedia.

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