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Do you know New York City’s best-known modern skyscraper?


Hearst Tower

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The Hearst Tower stands as a beacon of modern technology and sustainable design, created by acclaimed architect Norman Foster. Its edgy and innovative glass and steel diagrid design has helped it rapidly become one of New York City’s most iconic buildings. View it from a distance to appreciate the impressive size of this 600-foot (183-meter) building, which rises 46 floors into the sky.

Stand outside the hollowed shell of the International Magazine Building, built in 1928, and gaze skywards. The Hearst Tower, which opened in 2006, is an architectural marvel that has led the way in environmentally friendly construction. It is one of the greenest buildings in New York City, with 90 percent of the steel used in its construction from recycled sources. It was the first commercial office building in the city to be awarded Gold LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council.

Peek inside the grand, three-level atrium and be amazed at the design. A sense of calm and tranquility permeates, created mainly by the tinkling sounds of a cascading water sculpture called Icefall. For those that work inside the building, these modern touches make for very pleasant conditions. There is a media lab and interactive learning center, a 9,000 square-foot (836 square-meter) fitness and wellness center, a 165-seat theater,and breathtaking views of the city from every window. The Hearst Tower’s acclaimed CAFE57 has renowned chefs and offers meals and snacks to Hearst’s 2,000 staff and their guests.

The angular, glass-fronted façade of the Hearst Tower makes it shimmer like a jewel in the sunlight. Visit the building at night to appreciate the beauty of the tower when it is illuminated.

Hearst Tower is located at 959 Eighth Avenue. It is a short walk from the Columbus Circle and Central Park and is well connected to the rest of the city by subway, buses and cabs. Admission is limited to Hearst staff and their guests, but the remarkable exterior of this famous building is still very much worth seeing.

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