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The Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2019

 William P. Barrett Contributor 

When it comes time to pick a retirement spot, the majority of Americans end up staying put, or moving within their own state. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least consider the option of retiring abroad. Fact is, many countries offer a high standard of living at a much lower cost and throw in good weather, great scenery and fascinating culture at no extra charge.

One advantage of just about every foreign country on our list is that good medical care, and health care insurance, is available and at a cost so much less than in the U.S. that private insurance can easily replace the Medicare benefits most U.S. retirees depend on. Three countries on our list—Uruguay, Ecuador and Italy—even allow expats under certain circumstances into their national healthcare systems. In some countries, good healthcare is more easily found in the larger cities, and we make a note of that in our individual write-ups.


24. Argentina

Cost of living versus U.S.: Lower
Gaining residency: Relatively easy
Medical quality, cost versus U.S.: Good, cheaper
Climate: Wide variety
Specific suggestions: Buenos Aires, Bariloche


The world’s largest Spanish-speaking country, Argentina offers a European-style experience with a vibrant culture and a wide variety of climates. Cost of living is reasonable. But taxes are a problem due to lack of tax treaty with U.S. barring double taxation. There is quality medical care, especially in Buenos Aires, with reasonably priced private insurance. Petty crime is sometimes an issue. Speaking Spanish is a definite plus. Gaining legal residency is relatively easy with steady-income or retired-persons visa and minimal showing of financial capacity. Return air travel is convenient, but long: 9 ½ hours nonstop from Buenos Aires to Miami. Inviting venues include capital Buenos Aires, wine country Mendoza and scenic Bariloche (pictured).

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