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a man putting makeup on a woman

The buy low, sell high concept definitely applies with domain investing.

a man putting makeup on a woman
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“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” –William Arthur Ward The New Image of Social Networking Social networking has conquered the mainstream and is now part of people’s life. Every day, millions of people go online to take part in the digital network on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social networking sites. Following their participation, people publicize their purpose of using the social network. Some people tend to share what they are doing while some use the site to expand their business operations. There are also people who use social networking sites just to keep in touch with friends. In other words, social network users have their own goal emphasizing the different features that the site offers. So what makes MyFaceYourFace different? A Social Network with One Purpose Every person has the desire to enhance their looks. Who doesn’t want to anyway? Some people would like to know what beauty products are effective and what products are affordable. Similarly, some companies would like to promote their manufactured beauty products, especially, if they are confident about the products’ efficiency. Today, it is extremely obvious that they use other social networking sites to make their looks-related journey; both sharing of information and product promotions. However, these social networking sites don’t have the same goal as MyFaceYourFace has. The main goal of this new and upcoming social network is to give social network users a certain place to share anything under aesthetics. Is it a new beauty product proven effective? Is it an affordable beauty product worth buying? Is it some tips on how to use beauty products effectively? In plain words, this is a new social networking site dedicated to the beauty-related topics for both men and women. A Huge Opportunity for Investors Undoubtedly, all networking sites have already been a business opportunity for entrepreneurs and aspirants. Anyone can promote products and services to the public instantly. One can simply drive traffic to their main website by the use of social network marketing. But the question is how efficient is it? Imagine how many promotions and updates are posted on social networking sites today? In just a split of a second, a certain update about a certain topic can be replaced instantly. Because of this, interested users won’t be able to see or even have a glimpse of what the new update or promotion was. Given this issue, the MyFaceYourFace dedicates the entire site for entrepreneurs and investors interested in aesthetics. Users can guarantee themselves that latest updates, trends, and products about beauty industry will always be available to them. Imagine how huge is that opportunity for the industry? Aside from interested visitors, the new social networking site also promises huge boost of traffic because of its keyword rich domain. Web developers know how search engine optimization (SEO) works and how convenient it is in the strict competition on the World Wide Web. Because the new social networking site is still developing, investors can also help to develop the site. Even beauty product companies can also help with the site’s development because sooner or later, this new and upcoming social networking site will have the most beautiful reputation among its kind. “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” –William Arthur Ward “The first rule of investment is: Don’t Lose. And the second rule of investment is: Don’t forget the first rule.” -Warren Buffett,

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