The Biology of Stress. — Thriving Under Pressure

The Amygdala Hijack ⊕ From Stress to Success ⊕ In this video clip of my keynote speech at the “You Can Do College Event” I share the biological origins of stress and anxiety with 300 high school students from Ontario, Canada. In this segment, I also demonstrate simple strategies for dealing with high stress situations. […]

The Biology of Stress. — Thriving Under Pressure

2 responses to “The Biology of Stress. — Thriving Under Pressure”

  1. It’s an informative video about the amygdala hijack of subcortical brain during threat perception. Thanks for great writing !

    Do you observe that the amygdala and hippocampus of student’s brain are not working properly in the teaching theories of modern education?

    The amygdala circuitry of student’s brain is hijacked by the teacher and hippocampus is blocked in classroom performance due to high motivation, hard instruction and imaginary inspiration. Students do not need to use the working potentials of their brain circuits in learning process and knowledge transfer.

    Be happy and keep writing.
    Happiness Classroom
    Future of education and school system


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