Is Mother Nature Eventually Turning Against Mankind’s Technology? — Motivation & Environment

The present situation of the world clearly appears as if like Mother Nature is turning the Earth’s atmosphere against certain kinds of mankind’s technology or activities. Our insistence on using certain kinds of technology has unfortunately brought us face-to-face with threats that are largely self-inflicted—threats that have grown out of our own short-sightedness about how Nature responds to activities that may be against its very nature or ethics. Global warming is just one self-inflicted problem out of others: we face the danger of nuclear weapons proliferation, especially in modern-day warfare; we face the danger of weaponized disease-causing bacterium, such as COVID-19 and Ebola which are transmitted during coughing or sneezing and could wipe out much of the human race; in addition, we face an ever-increasing population that consumes inadequate resources at an alarming rate which may exceed the Earth’s capacity to replenish. If we don’t change now when the environment is still degrading, environmental conditions could become so tough that we—mankind—would either have to struggle to adapt, leave the Earth, or perish in any self-inflicted conditions that arise as a result of using our technology without caring about the quality of our world. (Featured Image Credit:

Is Mother Nature Eventually Turning Against Mankind’s Technology? — Motivation & Environment

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