Pointfinder Contact Map

[pftext_separator title=”Point Finder Contact Map Shortcode”]

You can easily add your contact map to PointFinder through Visual Composer. You can create as much as points you want and change their contents.  You can also change various controls such as map type.

[pf_contact_map setup5_mapsettings_streetviewcontrol=”0″ setup5_mapsettings_lat=”48.89364″ setup5_mapsettings_lng=”2.33739″ pfcustompoint=”rownum=1&cmap_lat%5B0%5D=48.89364&cmap_lng%5B0%5D=2.33739&cmap_title%5B0%5D=Title+of+Point&cmap_desc%5B0%5D=Instruction+text+for+this+point” colorp=”#1e73be”]

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